Having Great Academics

Academics are the best way to get ahead and live a great life. Without it, I would not be able to increase my income. I have made a drastic life change to get what I needed out of my education and find my dream job. I am not working as an accountant, and I couldn’t have done it without the proper education. I went to school, and I took all of the time I needed to make sure that I completed my degree. I would not be making this type of money if I was not enrolled in school.

The right education is going to allow me to become successful. I am planning on going back to school once it is time to enroll again. I want to further my education because I would like to increase my income. I always live by the motto “The sky is the limit.” I believe that I can do anything that I want to do, without any excuses, because those excuses will only hold me back. My family was very proud of me when I graduated because I was the first in my family to do just that. I don’t come from a family background where education is familiar, so this is a very big accomplishment for myself. There are more pros than cons when it comes to academics.

If I could let people know how serious having an education really is, more people would probably get theirs because it definitely pays off in the end.

Ready to Better My Future

For so long I have wanted a way to brighten my future for myself and my family but I just didn’t know where I should start. I began researching different colleges and universities in order to find an educational path that would lead my life to success. I decided that getting an education would be the best way to improve my career, my family’s life, and bring in more income every month. I can not tell you how excited I am to begin a better life by getting an education to help supplement my income. It’s so great that I can improve my career and income by simply going back to school to earn my degree! There are so many people that I know who were able to improve their lives by getting their degree and I am so thrilled that I am going to be one of those people very soon. Many people think that it is difficult to go back to school once you have a family but there are so many options available today that are online, like what I am doing, and work great for people with families wanting to improve their future by getting an education. I am so ready for a better future, better career, better income, and more joy in my life! This is going to be a great journey and I know that getting my degree is just the first step in many great things to come in my life. I could not be happier than I am right now to getting started on a better future for myself and my family.

Why I Shifted Career And Never Looked Back

Born and raised by parents who value education so much, my siblings and I seriously went through school. I learned my ABCs at a very young age and remained focused to my goals, albeit the occasional errors and pitfalls.

After college, I had worn many hats. I had become an Accountant, Teacher, Writer, Executive Assistant, Creative Arts Trainer, Speech and Language Instructor, Personal Development Coach, Resource Speaker, Relationship Counselor, Call Center Process Executive and what have you… I’ve been to high-end corporations, middle-level businesses and “pro bono” foundations. I did all these for years and never had any inkling that one day I would shift gears and never want to look back.

Hey, don’t get me wrong… It is not that I didn’t love what I was doing. Believe me, I did. Those who knew and saw me then would surely have seen my enthusiasm in what I did.

So you ask: Why did I join the bandwagon of online business? How did it all start?

, it was all by accident; that later on I realized was part of God’s plan for me. I was working in a high-end Call Center (and was on my way to get promoted as an Executive Assistant to the VP for Marketing), when a colleague mentioned about how his sister worked online on a part-time basis and was earning a 5-figure income monthly.

That very night, I spent hours surfing the net for these online opportunities. I stumbled upon an outsourcing platform that was to be the starting point of my online entrepreneurship career. My first job was article writing, which is at the core of what I love to do.

A few days later, my writing projects piled up – I was writing for twelve employers! At that time, I still had a job at the Call Center. And then when I got my pay for the week, I was beyond me. It was more than my one-month salary at the Call Center.

Only a month after signing up to that outsourcing site, I decided to resign from my offline job. It was one of my most impulsive decisions ever! My family and colleagues were skeptical in the beginning. I loved answering calls and dealing with clients; in fact, I excelled at it.

But if you are faced with a choice of tripling your income while doing what you love, which way would you go?

Online projects became my full-time source of income. After juggling my time as a writer for several employers, I was hired by an Australian Internet Marketer as Executive Assistant. The position easily rose to Operations Manager and later on, to Company CEO – with equivalent salary, of course.

Being an online freelancer, I learned the ins and outs of internet marketing. I went through the courses of well-known web personalities by the names of James Schramko, Ed Dale, David Jenyns, Katie Freiling, Mike Koenigs, Jonathan Budd and many others… Some of these entrepreneurs I have interacted with personally.

The rest was history. Now I am an online entrepreneur myself. This blog site is a product of countless hours of study and analysis of the concepts, methods and strategies of online marketing. I own other money-making websites too.

Now, you may ask, do I enjoy what I am doing?… Absolutely!

If you look back to the first paragraph of this post where I listed the different hats I’ve worn happily as an offline worker, they are the same things… But the wonderful difference is that I earn an unbelievable stream of income while doing what I love to do… and at the convenience of my home!

These are just a few of the many reasons why I feel blessed to be where I am now.
– I can reach out to a wider audience with my passion for writing and my coaching skills.
– I can help more towards beneficial community endeavors and church ministries – it is where my heart is.
– I have more time to be with my family.
– I earn more (!) than the “usual” offline job.
– I can do my work wherever I am (as long as there are electricity and internet connection).
– I need to work only a few hours every day.

I am so excited to share how I got to where I am. I am a firm believer that we can succeed and enjoy abundant life while holding on to our passions.

Why I Went Back To School

I was working a dead end job at a lumber company with my dad when I decided that I wanted to go back to college and get a degree in criminal justice. I always wanted to become a cop because I love going on adventures and thrill seeking. My original plan was to enter a basic law enforcement training program at my local community college. However, after discussing the field of law enforcement with my dad I learned that there are several different kinds of careers in criminal justice and having a degree would give me a better chance of moving up the ranks once I got hired. Although a degree is not necessary in order to become a law enforcement officer it can give one a better chance of achieving a higher rank and it is required for certain jobs. Most if not all detective and special agent careers require at least a bachelor’s degree. The best bachelor’s degree for someone interested in entering the field of law enforcement is criminal justice, so I started taking classes at my community college.

I took all different kinds of classes that taught me skills that would come in handy in the law enforcement field such as Spanish, criminal law, and ethics. I really enjoyed these classes and once I got my associate’s in criminal justice I decided to transfer my credits to a university in order to get a bachelor’s. The university I transferred to was really close to my house so I commuted there every school day. Although the classes I took at the university were much more rigorous and study intensive I enjoyed them anyway. The hardest class I had to take was writing.

For my writing class I had to type and submit a report everyday and submit online to my instructor. It was a drag but I know that I have to improve my writing skills as cops spend a lot of time writing reports and filling out forms. I also took a communications class and it turns out communicating is a lot harder than I thought it was. I had to learn how to listen to someone without judging them based on my own biased opinions. Each and every class had me closer to becoming a much more effective cop in the future.

After I graduated I finally entered the basic law enforcement training program and I feel like I’m a hundred miles ahead of everyone else in my class as far as being knowledgeable about the law enforcement field. I am very happy I made the decision to invest my money and time into getting a degree, now I have more doors open for me as a future officer.

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